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Express Parcel delivery

We at Bluorbit provide the advanced, fully automated online based express door to door parcel delivery services for the modern world of digitalized transactions. Developed for the ease of use, our Logistics services are recognized to be serving the customers who strive for excellence and on-time delivery. With the growing world of e-commerce, the demand for the Packaging and Courier and Logistics services is increasing day by day and our customized courier services tend to cover the World, with efficient and effective shipping process for personal and professional deliveries. Ship Now using our professional services and enjoy hassle-free express delivery to boost your business. Ship Now

Door to Door delivery

Doorstep delivery is an important aspect of e-commerce that makes it a preferred mode of transactions in the modern era. Now, not only the individuals but also businesses of all sorts are opting for door to door deliveries and selecting this mode has proved to be advantageous for their business in more ways than we think. We at Bluorbit aim at assisting you by providing world-class doorstep delivery with the world in our orbit. Our services are customizable according to your unique requirements and ensure that the goods are delivered to doorstep following all safety measures. So if you are looking for a cost-effective and efficient doorstep delivery service provider, contact us.

Online Courier Services

With increasing adaptation to the techniques of digitalization, the world can revolve in our hands through a Smartphone which offers the widest range of online services. We at Bluorbit take pride in offering the best in class online courier services for your esteemed  clients. Our services are designed in such a manner that you will be able to cover one corner of the world from another,  distance will no longer be a barrier for the success of your business. We Have one of the Best Courier and Logistics services that develops and delivers efficient, cost effective global supply chain solutions in the UAE. All of this can be done through online mode making this a smooth sailing experience for you.

Freight Forwarding

For a business to expand,  grow and achieve a substantial amount of productivity, it is important to avail right and efficient Freight Forwarding services. Bluorbit provides the right channel of transit for your goods to support business expansion beyond horizons as at Bluorbit , we  enable opportunities to bring the  “World in our orbit”. We ensure that by using our customized freight forwarding services, the value of your business will be increased through hassle-free transit. We believe in efficient mobility of your goods confirming utmost safety and punctuality, achieved effectively by the collective efforts of our trained staff. Our freight forwarding services are designed to provide more flexibility in your supply chain eventually leading to a more profitable business environment. This allows the business to be more focused on other aspects of the working if Freight forwarding is handled by a trusted source like Bluorbit .

Air Freight

Go global with the wide network covered by us at Bluorbit having “World in our orbit”! We take pride in being associated with multiple well-renowned airlines for the smoothest process of transporting the goods via customized Air Freight services. Being one of the best air freight service providers, our services cover longer distances at cheaper costs which can prove to be immensely profitable for your business and help you achieve your business goals effectively. Make your orders reach the right destination at the right time using our premium air freight services in association with the most professional airlines for transit. We are dedicated to increase the efficiency of your business engaging in the transactions of air freight which will make your business more dynamic and give you a competitive edge over other firms.

Sea Freight

When it comes to sea freight solutions, the services offered by Bluorbit are most sought-after because of the professional approach towards delivering the products to desired locations. For sea route transit, we have links with major carriers having offices at major ports as an effort to have the “World in our orbit”. Being one of the leading freight forwarding companies, we specialize in analyzing the needs of the patrons and effectively utilizing the fastest growing network to provide your business with an advanced & efficient way of delivering goods. By providing you with the appropriate sea freight solutions, we ensure the fastest delivery of goods through waterways covering all the major markets of the world.

Road Freight

The most common and widely used way for transportation of goods is through Road ways. However, choosing the right medium for Road Freight is extremely important for successful delivery. We at Bluorbit specialise in carrying the fragile equipment, heavy machinery and temperature-controlled deliveries to any corner of the world. We have an expertise in providing cost-effective and efficient services of Partial / full / heavy / controlled truckloads. We customize our services according to your needs and demands in an attempt to provide the best experience with our logistics services that is sure to make an astonishing impression on your clients too.


When you think about reaching new heights in your business through expansion in the global market, we at Bluorbit are here to make it come true for you. With the “World in our Orbit”, we work beyond the geographical boundaries for your business to take the utmost advantage of our unparallel reach of the global markets.  Our customized services are designed in such a manner that getting connected with the potential buyers will not be a distant dream and expansion of business in every side of the world will be a reality. If you are looking for services that are cost-effective, time-efficient, & reliable, Contact us. We are dedicated to provide freight forwarding services connecting you to the world through waterways, airways, and roadways. Let’s grow together!

Air Charter

We at Bluorbit Logistics hold an expertise in cargo charters with over 50 years of combined experience. We offer a full range of cargo aircraft and helicopters to facilitate the shipment of small urgent packages as well as large, heavy outsize consignments. Arrange your air charter services to any destination with us for a hassle-free experience adding value to your business. It is quick and a reliable mode of logistics and our team will leave no stones unturned in an attempt to provide cost-effective and planned air charter services.

Air Cargo Charter

For emergencies and also for availing the quickest mode of delivery for various reasons or dealing with the lack of options for delivery, Air Cargo charter is the best option to go for. Do not get stuck in an exigency, avail the premium air cargo charter services by Bluorbit for quick delivery. We have associations with various charter companies and this makes our air charter services more convenient and flexible. To facilitate our patrons, we ensure our clients of the timely and safe delivery.


With services that go beyond transportation, we are dedicated to provide assistance that adds value to the supply chain function of your business. Starting from insuring goods to providing warehouse facilities, from packaging to custom clearance and multimodal transportation, we have got it all covered for you. Bluorbit is your one-stop destination for all requirements relating to transit and logistics of goods, nationally as well as internationally. Take your business to new heights with our best in class, tailor-made unique  solutions.

Cargo Insurance

For the safety of your freight, Bluorbit provides cargo insurance as well. Sometimes there are reports of freight being damaged due to  unforeseen circumstances or natural calamities. In such cases, the Cargo insurance is very crucial to protect your cargo from any physical loss or damage to freight during the shipment process. In order to avoid any damage or loss to your business, we make sure that your cargo or freight is insured. We offer the freight insurance services for all forms of transportation including door to door, port to port, through sea, land or air.


Warehousing is an important aspect for a business when it comes to handling the goods or freight. We at Bluorbit offer the best warehousing solution with our well built and highly secured warehouses. Our warehouses are maintained by a group of well-trained staff taking proper care of your goods. We understand that the seasonal freight demands the maximum care and hence our warehouses are fully equipped with state of the art facilities including temperature control storage facilities. Store your goods at our warehouses for a safe and benefiticial business experience.


Confirming to the rules and regulations imposed by concerned authorities in different countries, dealing with the arrangement of documents, fulfilling the formalities etc. are hectic tasks which may get messy and sometimes may consume  a major chunk of your working hours. For such circumstances, avail the services of experts having knowledge and experience in dealing with all the custom rules and regulations. Bluorbit team provides the solutions for fulfilling custom obligations and it makes sure that your goods do proper custom clearance including procedures like documentation required in export, other permit requirements and the certificates for the import or export of the particular goodd. Being one of the fastest growing companies, we are dedicated to ensuring smooth functioning of your business cycle.


The right Packaging  is imperative for reasons like protection against damage, maintenance of quality, ease in transportation etc. We at Bluorbit provide premium packaging services based on individual requirements. We choose appropriate packaging according to the type of goods for we understand that damaged product creates a negative impression as well as induce loss to the business resulting in reduced productivity. Our services of goods packaging also helps in proper storage of the goods, particular goods can easily be recognized by the proper details written on it and the fragile material can be stored separately or handled properly and in the long run, it will be advantageous and would improve the bottom line of your business. We have adopted the best technology for the packaging that provides the above mentioned advantages for your business.

Multimodal Transport

Multimodal transportation, as the name suggests, is a process of transportation wherein a combination of various modes is used due to unavoidable circumstances like weather problems, non-availability of other modes of transport in various regions etc. In some cases, shipments move from one location to another location with a halt in between to change between shipment modes such as air, water, road etc. Bluorbit uses this approach to deliver your shipment timely and safely with the use of multimodal transport covering both Domestic & International transactions. This combination of multiple transportation modes will also ensure cost efficiency on best case basis. As we say, our services are customizable according to your unique requirements; multimodal transport is a proof that we can deliver it for you.

Bluorbit Logistics office

Bluorbit is a Singapore based Logistics and Courier service company that develops and delivers efficient, cost effective global supply chain solutions in the UAE. Our operations offices and warehouses are located within the Air & Seaports FTZ vicinities.

With our multiple strategic locations, we can offer competitive rates to valuable clients and associates across the globe.

Bluorbit provides services which are customized to suit the multi-facet needs of all our valued clients.

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