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3 Ways to Reduce Transport Costs & Increase Productivity

Ways to reduce transport cost and increase productivity

Every business aims to generate revenue by selling its products or services. The only way to increase any company’s revenue is to cut down the production and transportation cost. It is possible to reduce transport costs while still increasing productivity. Use different modes of transportation and be flexible in order to save money. Logistics software makes it easier to track your products, keep records, and manage your supply chain.

It can help create shipment route charts, ensure that suitable carriers are chosen, and the most efficient shipping mode is used. Logistics software can also automatically compare the audit of a freight invoice to the shipping contract.

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What is Lean Logistics?

Lean Logistics

Lean logistics is improving the efficiency of a company’s logistical processes by reducing waste. Waste is defined as something that does not add value to the system, e.g., scrap parts and wasted time or inefficiency. There are seven “forms” of waste that are widely examined when implementing a lean approach in the workplace. Lean logistics is a supply chain management tool, and when opposed to conventional logistics, it offers many advantages to companies. Six Sigma is a professional approach for achieving long-term quality improvement. These tools can identify and deal with waste and other severe inefficiencies in an organization.

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